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It was reported recently that many school pupils read so poorly at age 16 that they struggle to decipher their GCSE papers. 

‘A child who cannot read cannot learn’ said the Secretary of State for Education in a previous government.

So why has so little attention been paid – for decades now – to making sure that every child can read fluently and effortlessly? It is because no Government, Secretary of State or Department for Education adviser seems to be able to see beyond the mechanics of phonics or ‘sounding out’ systematically to deduce that the letters c-a-t ‘says’ cat and d-o-g ‘says’ dog.

Yes, of course phonics matter. They’re a good starting point for a very young, pre-literate child. Phonics provides useful grounding - but that’s all. Large numbers of words are not spelled phonetically. You have to learn to recognise and remember, say, ‘aunt’ ‘sign’ or ‘awkward’ as you go along. You have pick your way round anomalies such as ‘come’ ‘comb’ ‘tomb’ and ‘tome’ too. 

The importance of reading for children cannot be underestimated. Reading for pleasure can benefit a child’s education, social and cognitive development, their wellbeing, and their mental health.

Help us reach MORE kids who need help

The more stories children write...the MORE kids will READ them !

It's very simple ... we will get kids WRITING stories that they like.

Other kids will READ those stories because they RELATE to the things children like.

The more they WRITE and READ the better their chances will be of a good future.




We choose as many stories as possible to be made into a professional book FREE for that child's school

PLUS... we have exciting NEWS ...For every school we help in the UK we will help a child in AFRICA to go to secondary school there to have an education. The children here in the UK can link up with the kids in Africa and swap stories and what they like doing.


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