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Just published from Ofsted Nov 2020

The education watchdog is concerned that children are slipping back with their learning and social skills after spending so much time at home during the pandemic.

Some children had reverted to using a dummy and one provider said some of the kids had “forgotten how to play”.

The report also found that there has been an “increase in children being removed to be educated at home” in a third of schools.

It added: “Some pupils were struggling to interact with their peers due to prolonged isolation and need to relearn how to maintain friendships.”


A few 'New Things'

Kids in Africa

Our exciting project in Africa is underway.

We sent 200 of Gerry Ogilvie's new book over to a small village near Malawi and the children have been really excited to read and look through them (it took 3 months for the books to get there)

They are now starting to write some stories for our 'Kidz Write For Kidz' programme. This is really exciting and we are hoping to turn some of the stories into a BOOK for those children. Normally only teachers have books in their part of the world so for these kids to GET a book and actually MAKE their own book is truly amazing.

We are planning the same here in Scotland and our first school is in Paisley. More news soon.

Also we have had enquiries from America from children wanting to participate so that is happening soon.

Keep your eye on this 'news page' to find out all that is happening.

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