Information for Schools & Parents

Any child can join in with our 'Kidz Write For Kidz'

SCHOOLS ... if you are a TEACHER please arrange things with us by email or phone. All you need to do is get as many pupils as you want writing new and creative short stories.

We recommend younger pupils can choose to write a very short story of around 100 words. This can be about anything they want. Perhaps a story about a favourite pet or a funny thing that happened on the way to school...or the day they went to the Moon ! 

Kids aged 7 to 11 can usually manage a longer story of 500 words. All the stories can be true or made up. They should be original and don't worry too much about spelling or grammar as it's all about the story. We know everyone will be trying their best. Don't forget to draw pictures to go with the stories or team up with a partner to do the illustrations.

The stories can be sent to us by email or when we visit your school then we can collect all the stories. We will try to make at least one book for each school from some of those stories ...all free (we receive government grants to assist with it all) 

We do NOT need the child's full name and because of data protection a simple first name and name of school on the story is enough.

Each story will always belong to the child.

For HOME SCHOOLING this is ideal for you in many ways. We already work with schools and home schooling and it is an ideal project for you to be involved with.

For children where English is a second language then this can bring many benefits to you. 

Individual children can also participate but we only deal with the parents or carers. Also brilliant for care centres sensory groups, and hospitals. Whoever you are then this project will bring many benefits for you on many levels.  

Use our contact details to get in touch. So far we are delighted to be involved with schools in Scotland, Africa and USA. If your school would like to team up or liase with schools in other parts of the country or in fact OTHER countries then we will arrange that for you. You can swap stories, learn about cultures and create new ideas and projects together.