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We provide BOOKS for children and also help them to WRITE new stories of their own.

We take as many of the stories as possible and turn them into wonderful BOOKS for the child's SCHOOL or FAMILY... all FREE !

Our Mission

We help children and families with our FUN SHOWS and CREATIVE WRITING. We include ALL children in our activities programme to fully realise their ambitions and life chances. The key to a brighter future is in the combination of creative play - imagination - storytelling - drama - reading and fun ...all in a safe environment. 

Poor reading skills are the most serious weakness in our education system


Our children's creative writing & reading programme including FREE BOOK with YOUR child's story - all Free !

We have a new creative writing and reading programme for all children age 6 to 11

It's FUN and it's ONLINE. There are TEN easy to follow lessons and the great thing is that YOUR child's story will appear in one of our books featuring stories written BY children FOR children.

      Ten easy to follow lessons

               Our Lessons are Free

This is a fantastic ONLINE writing programme for children who would like additional learning and creativity.

Presented by children's author Gerry Ogilvie and devised by Gerry and teaching staff - this is an easy to follow and fun way of improving your child's writing ability.

We have several great presenters to make the lessons easy to understand. There are many things to learn whatever level you are at.

  Gerry Ogilvie Children's Author

                  Here's how it works 

TEN easy to follow creative writing lessons online Delivered on PDF files and also YOUTUBE presentations
ONE or TWO lessons each week 
Feedback after each lesson - ask us any questions 
YOUR child creates a brilliant story over the ten weeks
Finally - YOUR child's story will be included in a book

Improve your child's writing & reading abilities

 Order Today and Help a CHILD !

 The lessons are free but you can also help us by
purchasing one of our children's storybooks.

Help children WRITE stories THEY like !

            Write AND Draw

   Learn at your OWN speed and your OWN level

   Whatever stage your child is at we can help -

Ideal for schools and homeschoolers plus anyone who loves writing and reading.

We work with schools for pupils who want additional learning. Also homeschoolers who are permanently schooled at home. This course helps build a good understanding as we show you all the elements and ingredients to create a good story.

It is useful on many levels. Improving English - Writing - Reading - Imagination - Artistic Skills and so much more.



     YOUR story in a book

        How does your story appear in a book?

Once you complete the writing course you will also have completed your story.

ALL stories are important to a child. It could be a story with a few lines or 100 words and more. It depends what you feel comfortable doing.

You can ask us throughout the process anything you don't understand or need to know. Then once we receive your completed story we check it over and we have a book editor and other teachers who will also look over it. We can tidy it up for you and correct any remaining mistakes. Then we hand it to our graphic designer who will create some pages for the book with your story AND any pictures you may have drawn.

Then we hand it to our printers along with several other children's stories and make a fabulous BOOK. We will send you ONE COPY FREE and you can read YOUR story plus a few other stories from children all over the country.

            KIDS IN AFRICA

                       Gerry is a big hit in AFRICA

Gerry sent 200 copies of his book FREE to these deserving children in a small village in Africa.

Those children don't have much - not even electricity - but they do have HOPE ! They are always smiling and very willing to learn. Gerry is setting up his children's CREATIVE WRITING PROGRAMME with these kids and soon they will be writing brilliant stories .

The great thing is that we will link schools here in the UK with these children in Africa and America plus other parts of the world.

They will swap stories and learn so much from each other. It will vastly improve all their life chances and opportunities. Children deserve a chance in life !


Items we SELL to help raise funds

New for 2021
Gerry's Next Book

Here is Gerry's NEXT book -

McBlackbeard and the Highland Games.

favourite Pirate

Follow McBlackbeard as he is invited to the Highland Games by the Queen.

However it turns bad when he meets last year's champions Maggie and Aggie. They are mean and strong and try to CHEAT their way to winning the events.

Available January 2021

It's EASY to order either 'Benny Goes to the Moon' or 'McBlackbeard and the Highland Games'

Both are £3.75 each inc postage

Just press the SUPPORT US button or the DONATE buttons. Pay and the EMAIL us your address and we will send your book.

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Our Fun Gang show is great fun. We have Puppets, Disco, Games, Magic, Science, Songs, Dances, Comedy, Go-Kart Races and Prizes !

We do Birthday Parties - Theatre Shows - Community Halls - Shopping Centres - Holiday Parks and Nursery Shows. All ages.


We have many 5 Star Reviews ...

We booked the Fun Gang for my sons 5th birthday party and from start to finish Gerry was a dream to work with, his communication from the minute I booked was second to none. He made sure we had everything we were asking for and more. He turned up early on the day, had the kids hooked from the start of the show until the end and got everyone involved...



Did you know?

All our profits go towards helping children improve their confidence - creativity - imagination and abilities in writing their own brilliant new stories. We make many of those stories into FREE books for the child's school. Please help us to improve a child's LIFE CHANCES and OPPORTUNITIES for ALL CHILDREN.

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